Vin Forte Writes

Currently listening to the MF DOOM live album “Expektoration.”

Very few live albums in rap translate well. This, I feel, is a rare exception.

DOOM running through his best material from the “Madvilliany+ Mm Food” era? An entire second act comprised of the best cuts from “Operation: Doomsday?” Dropped-in samples of Worf during the live show? Big Ben Klingon as the hypeman?


"Bust off your straps at the victory laps."
Just came in the mail.

"Bust off your straps at the victory laps."

Just came in the mail.


DOOMSTARKS - Victory Laps

Looks like the Doom & Ghostface project is FINALLY coming out.

Finally starting to see some payoff from the promise made on the January Stones Throw podcast of new DOOM album(s) this year. Though I’ll only be a true believer when I’ve got the actual album in hand.

Macaroni and Cheese is an ol’ time classic but Villainous Mac & Cheeze was concocted by wifey about three years ago. It took a couple years to perfect and you must follow the recipe exactly or else. Now Villainous Mac & Cheeze has become an MF family favorite, perfect for any holiday or special meal…enjoy and don’t forget your potholderz.

Villainous Mac & Cheese Recipe

Hip-hop Benny Hill’s to penny straight; get every penny weight then he chill, at any rate.